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Sky Medic Sdn Bhd, subsidiaries and associates were founded from 2008 onwards by Our CEO Mr Jeevanand Muniandy with the vision and ideology of “Towards Greater Medical Heights”. Since its establishment as a trading company, Sky Medic Group has develop and grown to be a leading player in the medical consumable & disposable market in Malaysia

Sky Medic Group of Companies has carved a niche market for itself in the specialized consumable segments such as Hemostatic Agents, Biopsies, 100% silicone Catheters, Urinary Drainage disposable, Anti – Bacterial Sticky Mat, Implants, Stentings, & Wound Care Dressing.

All Sky Medic Subsidiaries and associates are accredited by British Standard Institution (BSI) for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMD) and licensed by Medical Device Authority of Malaysia (MDA).

On international front, Sky Medic Group of Companies has strong ties with its international partners from various countries and has obtained sole distributor for Malaysia and Southeast Asia. With ambitions to continue its global expansion, the group will always look forward for new business opportunities worldwide.

Sky Medic Group of Companies builds its foundation based on proven time-tested model which focuses on after sales service, customer satisfaction, delivery quality products, and to ensure highest level of integrity is practiced.